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26 Apr 17

Schools Should be Utilizing Facebook Live

What is Facebook Live? It’s a way for you to broadcast in real-time straight from your school’s Facebook page. As the video is shooting you can see how many people are watching and their comments. As soon as it’s over the video is automatically saved to your timeline, and then you can share it, tweet it, or simply delete it.

Facebook Live is slowly being adopted by schools, and it’s an excellent way to reach your current and potential families! Here are a few reasons to consider integrating Facebook Live at your school:

1. It’s a cost effective marketing tool.
All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection. And it’s the one time that your video quality won’t be scrutinized; since it’s live, your followers aren’t expecting the highest quality. This makes Facebook Live a great way for smaller schools (who may not have the budget for professional videos) to push out video content to the community.

2. Stand out from the competition.
Since Facebook Live has only been out for about a year it’s still a relatively new marketing tool, many schools haven’t jumped in. Set yourself apart and let your potential families have a real glimpse of what your school has to offer.

3. Video posts are 80% more engaging than photos.
Create a community beyond just your current families. Facebook live can be a great way to get grandparents, family friends, and community members involved in your events. Consider using Facebook live for things like Fine Arts performances, Admissions Event, or Fundraisers.

We would love to hear about and highlight schools that have had success with a Facebook Live campaign, please e-mail your story to If you are a school needing to revamp you online presence, please complete our grade my website form and we will e-mail you our suggestions!

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